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    Garmin nüMaps- The How and Why of subscribing to the nüMaps

    The Garmin nüMaps is a subscription service that grants your updating wish a boon of disclosure and effectiveness for your GPS devices. By subscribing to the nüMaps, you get the latest versions and editions of your Garmin Map Updates. It also facilitates in most cases the possibility of a Free Garmin Map Update in the most recent version without an upholding fee or any monthly charges. With Garmin nüMaps, it is also possible that there is an entitlement for a nüMaps Assurance with your device to get a no-cost renewal within the initial 90 days of getting your device connected to the satellite (for the first time).

    While with your Garmin Device, if you acquire a Garmin nüMaps Subscription you can enjoy free updates for a lifetime. We show you below, how to get that done and get your Garmin GPS Updated using Garmin nüMaps

    • Access your myGarmin account. Enter the required credentials and the nüMaps merchandise code.
    • Select the ‘Activate My Subscription’ option and move to the next step
    • An instant notification will be send to you to initiate the activation of ‘Lifetime Map Update’
    • Log-out after that
    • The very next time you sign-in your account, your subscription to the Garmin nüMaps will be set-up for a lifetime renewal

    When there are any new updates ready for your GPS device, you will get the announcement the very instant. Make sure that you do all the updating and further processes using the Garmin Express app